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Forum Thread: Not Dead Yet

Hi everybody! As you've probably noticed, the blog's been a bit quiet as of late. I've been pretty swamped with some other projects, and I sadly just haven't had as much time to write about computers and the internet and all that fun stuff. However, I will be sticking my head in to check on the forum at least once a week, and any private messages go right to my email, so if you do have questions, I'll do my best to help you out. I'll be happy to take requests for bigger how-tos as well, but i...

Forum Thread: good pc laptop that doesn't overheat?

a coworker has an hp laptop that on general use gets really hot and sometimes just shuts down. There has to be a pc laptop out there in the 14"-16" range that is always cool, regardless of time in use. I think she only uses it for gotomypc, internet, and documents. I recommended her the macbook air, but she wants to stay pc.

Forum Thread: Got recommendations for a netbook?

I've decided to indulge myself and get a netbook. But I have no idea where to start, and my initial stabs at research reveal that netbooks have gotten overshadowed by iPads and Android tablets. (Nothing against tablets - but I like having a keyboard.) Do you guys have any recommendations? I don't need anything super-powerful, but I do like: small size, pretty design, ability to launch multiple applications without freezing up, something on which I can write, or browse the Web. I'd like to kee...

Forum Thread: Be back soon!

Hey there, mighty noobs! Just here to let you know that as of now, I'm on a very short hiatus. I'm leaving for an extended stay in Iceland day after tomorrow, so I'll be taking a week off to settle in and un-jetlag. I'll be back in action on May 6, so until then, feel free to ask questions and chat in the forums. Take care, and happy geeking!

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