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a coworker has an hp laptop that on general use gets really hot and sometimes just shuts down. There has to be a pc laptop out there in the 14"-16" range that is always cool, regardless of time in use. I think she only uses it for gotomypc, internet, and documents. I recommended her the macbook air, but she wants to stay pc.

Any suggestions?

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Can't say that I am particularly knowledgeable about current models of laptops off the top of my head. Question, though, about your co-worker's laptop: how old is it? I know that may seem like a silly question, but sometimes there are a few last-ditch ways you can coax a bit of extra life out of an old, overheating lappy. Then again, sometimes it's just time to put it out to pasture.

I think it might be around 2 years old. She does have one of those fans that go under the laptop, but doesn't use it because she lost the cord to power it, so it's more like a door stop than fan.

I had a really good hp laptop similar to hers and i understand her overheating because mine used to do that. Even with a fan, the heat actually killed my wife's laptop (we had identical laptops), but by then we had gotten around five years use of it.

I think i'll strongly recommend to her to buy a $20 laptop fan and to maybe use an air can to clean the insides of the laptop, which may have dust and cat hair inside making things worse. If she brought it in I could also change the power settings so that less power is used at all times. besides that, what could also be done to cool a laptop?

Lenovo Lenovo Lenovo! Seriously, it's the only laptop Mark ever gets, and I have to say I like it better than any Dell, Sony etc I've ever had. They last a pretty long time, too and these days I use it more than he does.

Agree with this. Always loved the Lenovo laptops. They are more expensive than they should be, but they are very sturdy and dependable.

Remember when you asked about an ipad or netbook? Well i would have recommended a Lenovo ideapad but they're in the $800 range. They are some sexy laptops (you can see them at frys). They're thin, small,  lightweight, good fast hardware, and gorgeous.

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