Question re: call unmasking apps for smartphones

InterNoobs, assemble! We've got a newcomer here who needs the help of the hive mind.

I received a message from a guy named Sam, who is a frequent traveler. As he's swapping sim cards pretty often, he has trouble figuring out who his incoming calls are coming from. He asked me if I knew of any smartphone apps that can unmask caller IDs. I did a bit of research and found two different apps: TrapCall (iPhone/Android/Blackberry) and PrivacyStar (Android/Blackberry). But as far as I can tell, these will only work on North American phone networks. From the little bit of reading that I've done, I'm not sure if there's anything on the market that fits Sam's needs. However, since I've never used an app of this type, I thought perhaps there might be someone out there with more experience in this area than myself. Sam asked if I'd post the question to the forum, which I have now happily done. :)

So? Anybody got any ideas?

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Unfortunately I Googled and found nothing. A European resident may be able to answer.

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