Forum Thread: What scares you online?

The news gives us a lot to be scared about when it comes to the internet. Some threats are real, others...not so much. I'm keen to do some more articles about internet safety, but first, I'd like to know more about what worries you.

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Everything.  But it doesn't stop me.  I particularly don't like Facebook's attempts to know everything about their users— I bet it's already surpassed the FBI's or CIA's database on citizens (albeit, not criminal... but maybe someday).  I don't like signing up for website after website, just to view some content.  How many accounts can one person hold online?  How many of those accounts can a person lose track of?  I wish the internet was focused more on anonymity and privacy than on total openness and personal disclosures.  We're in for the biggest ad invasion of our lives.

I agree about there needing to be more of a focus on anonymity, particularly where things like Facebook are concerned. And I also don't like having to create accounts just to read news articles or view content. The internet has yet to find a good balance between making things accessible to everybody and protecting the privacy of its users.

I really hate when the ads I'm served reflect exact shopping websites I previously looked at. This feels like such a violation of privacy.

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