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Is there something in particular that you need help with or would like to see explained? Awesome. Let's hear about it.

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I would love an extensive guide of keyboard shortcuts. I'm Mac, and I'm totally dependent on about 5... I'm always amazed when I see other people using shortcuts that I don't know about. They tend to leave my mind shortly after, and it would be awesome to have a thorough guide to bookmark and reference.

That's...totally crazy. I just finished an article about basic keyboard shortcuts for Windows users before I saw this post. Well, I'll just have to put together a Mac list next. Who am I to argue with the hive mind?

awesome! would be fabulous to have some shortcuts beyond the basic c/p, screenshot, etc (tho i suppose those should be included for the super noobs...

actually scratch that last request... i'm in the process of writing my own. will finish soon and post here!

Maybe something on the best way to share files with friends. I see a million different ways to share, via peer-to-peer networks like Vuze, file hosting sites like Megaupload, or reputable sources like iDisk (which is super slow) and SkyDrive (does this offer public sharing?). But I also see a bunch of crap sites like those ones where you can earn cash for every download and need to fill out crappy surveys, like ShareCash, Hotfile, LinkCash, etc. What's the best, easiest and quickest way to share large files, to all and to certain individuals? And what sites should be avoided when downloading files? Basically, I guess I'm asking for a comprehensive list of what's okay and what to avoid for both public sharing and downloading, and sharing or downloading files via password protected options (ex. iDisk). Maybe this is actually 2 different questions. I've just confused myself!

good idea justin... i've always been curious about which hosting sites to use myself.

Becky, I'd love to see a how-to on how to pick and remember good passwords.

 Oh, also just thought of something else - useful extensions/plug-ins for whatever browser you use. In my case, it would be Firefox or Chrome.

that would be great... I'd love to learn about that.

Roger that. I'll get on it once I'm settled in across the pond.

Becky - I've been thinking - I'd love some in-depth how-tos on some of the most common websites I use - like Gmail, Amazon, Facebook etc. I've been using these sites for years, but I'm pretty sure there's lots of features on them I'm not taking advantage of.

Sounds good! I think I'll start with Gmail, as it's one of my very favorite things. :)

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